Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

To Love You More and More

by Kumud Biswas
To quench my thirst to love you more
This one short life is not enough, my love.
You have occupied my entire heart
It seems the heaven is not far
But why can’t it be till eternity?
With an eternal spring
Like a cup you have filled my soul to the brim
With your overflowing beauty
You have filled all my time
And emptying your heart
You pour so much love!
When we look at each other
Thousand lights illumine our eyes!
Here we flow side by side
Why can’t we flow as a single stream?

You have come like a shower in rains
And made my life green
You are my pole star
In darkness I cannot lose my bearing
Touching my heart to your heart
With love overflowing
Now you are in my arms
You have permeated my entire being
Yet I feel I am not yet full
If I have reached the heaven
Why can’t I remain thus till eternity?


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